About Us:

JP forwarding is a freight forwarding company. For a period of more than 5 years; deliverance of quality services from a company to an individual level is of prime importance to us. With our head office in the heart of one of the greatest cities ____ it has its roots in the whole USA. Moreover, we’ve expanded our services around the globe due to continuous advancement in our structure to provide every possible solution and satisfaction to our valued clients. JP forwarding has quite an organized structure of managing its services in the midst of fast and competitive environment and is equally capable of handling your problems efficiently. The thing about our management is that we never think of just a timely solution and short term gain for our clients. We have a staff of highly skilled professionals who will make you feel that you are at perfectly right place. The only way on earth to understand the client better is by proper communication. We give clients a chance to define their problems completely because JP forwarding is all about understanding the clients better. After these successive years in the service we’ve assessed what customers want from a company is their shipments and products delivered safely, timely and most of all reliably. We handle the shipments of big companies and individuals from heart and will never let you worry about your product when it is in our hands.

Whether it’s a door to door delivery of a small parcel or an overseas transportation of heavy machinery, consider you job done. We provide you the best client management service. By working with JP Forwarding, you get along with a friend that put its best of efforts and work with full dedication by investing its time in your business, is well informed about your problems and keeps you up-to-date about their solutions. We are going to be your virtual partners in your success. Over these years of working with integrity and honesty and because of its marvelous reputation JP forwarding has made partners that provide extraordinary support for overseas service. From general cargo to the transportation of heavy machinery via air cargo transportation or ocean cargo transportation around the world JP is the one with best services. The aim of JP from its inception is based on the principle of customer satisfaction. We do not believe in just completing the project and get done with it but our commitment is to make a long term relationships with our clients that is genuinely based on trust and care. Once you give us the opportunity to engage in business with you. You’ll only think of us again. We make constant improvements and update our infrastructure to provide better services to our clients. To get the required information about our services in detail just browse through our site and get acquainted.

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